Change the world around you

What is a campaign?

If there is an issue that you feel strongly about, whether that is about your College experience or the wider world, there are three ways that you can make change through ICU.  campaign should create impactful, lasting change for people or a cause on a local, national or global level.

How to start a campaign

If you want to start a campaign get in touch with our Representation Team. We can provide advice, support and funding of up to £300 to help turn your idea into action. 

  • Share your idea with us by completing this form.
  • We will review your idea and arrange a time to meet with you.
  • Find 2-5 current students who will organise your campaign with you.
  • Plan your campaign with the support of the Representation team.
  • Get 25 supporters for your campaign idea
  • Receive monthly training, support, and resources

Current Campaigns

Find out more about the student-led campaigns taking place this year and support a cause that matters to you!


Imperial Climate Action