CSP Candidate Guidance

Congratulations if you've nominated yourself for a committee position! 

This page gives you an overview of election rules and the support/resources available to you as a candidate running for a position in our Spring Elections. We want to engage the full CSP membership during this round of elections during the voting period and need your help! 

Candidates' Pack & Election Rules

Imperial College Union's elections are governed by rules that ensure fairness and accessibility while rewarding energy and enthusiasm. By nominating yourself for a role, you agree that you have read and understood all of the relevant rules and policies. 

Read the Candidates' Pack 

All candidates can attend a Candidates Briefing which will take place on Microsoft Teams at 17:00 on Tuesday, 7 March, and 12:00 on Wednesday, 8 March

All successfully nominated candidates will receive calendar invites for the briefings above and more information on the voting period and campaigning rules. Please send any specific queries to elections@imperial.ac.uk. 

Withdrawing your nomination

If you have nominated yourself for a position and would like to step down, you need to follow the steps below

Complaints Procedure

If you experience any activities, campaigning or behaviour that does not adhere to our election rules or bi-laws, please report it to the Union. We have the complaints app for any election complaints available for candidates and committee members  to report. 

Report a CSP or Leadership Election complaint here


Election Rules

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Campaign Planning

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