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Run for a position

Click to nominate yourself for a position! 

If you are a full member of the Union, and a current enrolled student at Imperial College, you can run for a position in your CSP committee! 

See the candidate tracker here to view vacant positions

A reminder, you must be a member of your club, society or project to nominate yourself for a committee position. 

Each CSP must elect a Chair, Treasurer & Secretary as a minimum to function effectively. No one member can hold more than one of these committee positions in a club, society or project. 

Running for a position: a step-by-step guide! 

  • Find a position you think best suits you!

    You can find more information on the principal committee roles (Chair, Treasurer & Secretary) at the bottom of this page. These are the compulsory roles each club, society or project must fill in order to stay active and function effectively. 

    If you would like to run for a different position, these can differ from club to club. We recommend you visit your CSP A-Z page to view their current constitution for a full breakdown of each committee positions role and responsibilities. 

  • Talk to your current committee

    The people who know your CSP committee positions best are those currently in the role. We recommend talking openly to those committee members to find out more about the roles you're interested in and discuss what you may be looking to run for. 

    You can contact your committee via their shared role account (e.g. ferretferrier@ic.ac.uk) on your CSP A-Z page. Your current committee members will also be found on your A-Z page.

  • Nominate yourself for a position

    Once you've found the right committee position(s) for you, all you need to do is follow the link and nominate yourself for the position. Nominations open @ 12pm - Monday 13th February.

    You will automatically have an account on our eVoting platform that will allow you to nominate yourself for any position in a CSP you are a member of. 

    Reminder - you can only hold one principal committee position (Chair/Treasurer/Secretary) in a CSP. You can be a principal committee member of multiple CSPs. 

  • Get votes!

    Voting opens - Monday 13th March @ 12pm 

    Voting Closes - Thursday 16th March @ 2pm. 

    During the voting period, you should engage with your club, society or project members to get as many votes as possible. To successfully be elected, you must receive the most votes - beating any other members running and RON - Re-Open Nominations. 

Stand for a position in your Club, Society or Project Here

Any election process is open to all students who are part of Imperial College Union and a Club, Society or Project. To be eligible to stand for a position, you must be the following: 

  • A full member of the Union; this does not include Associate or Life members
  • Member of your CSP; purchased or joined via the Union website before the close of the nomination period
  • Registered student of Imperial College London

Stand for a role in our 2024 Spring Elections! 

Committee Positions - Roles and Responsibilities 

All CSP committee positions have a crucial role to play in the effective running of our student groups. Many of our groups have unique requirements that demand specific roles in their committee. Principal committee positions (Chair/Treasurer/Secretary) all have similar roles (outlined below). To see a breakdown of specific roles in your CSP committee, please refer to the club, society or project constitution. 

  • Chair/President - Lead your CSP
    • Managing the committee, supporting and overseeing work.
    • Safety of members ensuring activities are within the law, safe and inclusive.
    • Member wellbeing creating a positive community for your members.
    • External relations representing your CSP outside of the Union in the community.
    • Chairing meetings, including committee, general and extraordinary meetings.
    • Represent your club, society or project by attending MG/CU And union meetings.
    • Aims and objectives - lead the direction of your CSP. 
    • Financial responsibility monitor your CSP expenditure in line with grant allocation and SGI (self-generated income) to avoid running in a deficit.
    • Developing your CSP - grow your membership activities and events throughout the year.
    • Major events overseeing the planning and delivery.
  • Treasurer - Take control of your CSP finances
    • Internal finances authorising members expenses claims.
    • External finances. Raising purchase orders. Sales invoice imprests and more.
    • Debt watch. Ensuring your CSP is financially healthy.
    • Event finances. Creating and submitting event budgets.
    • Value added tax (VAT) understanding the 80 and its implications for your CSP.
    • Funding applications. And seeking income for your CSP, e.g., sponsorships.
    • Online sales. Tracking via the Union online shop.
    • Budgeting. Writing and submitting an annual budget. Using it to manage finances.
    • Financial regulations. Ensuring they understood and met by members.
    • Cash handling. Banking, cash and storing it correctly.
  • Secretary - Organise and manage your CSP activities
    • Minute taking and coordinating committee Meetings.
    • Internal communications, writing emails. Mailing list management.
    • Data protection and managing member data.
    • Room bookings yearly and add hog for both regular activities and one-off events.
    • Transport and services booking minibuses,  first Aid and equipment.
    • Kit/Regalia management and ordering.
    • Organisation and planning for the CSP
    • Access and storage. Management of inventory, storage, space and access.
    • Publicity social media management, website content, posters etc.