Committee Toolkit

This toolkit contains the key documents and forms you'll need to run your club, society or project.

If a form is greyed-out, it hasn't been released yet.  Remember to check your Activities Centre Update emails and the training pages to see what you need to submit and when!

Managing Your CSP

These forms are useful for managing your CSP at the start of the academic year.  For more information on handover take a look at:

Use the email forms to manage your CSP's email accounts, and use the space access request form to request keycards to your CSP's spaces.

Annual Documentation Flags

These forms all need to be submitted before you begin your annual activity. 

Finance & Sponsorship

Use these forms for managing sponsorship agreements, refunding members, and claiming on behalf of a non-member.

Room Bookings

Use the Annual Room Booking Form for booking a regular space for your CSP throughout the year.  Use the Ad-hoc Booking Form when you want to book a space during the year for a one-off event.

Events & Trips

Use the following forms and documents for planning events and activities for your CSP.  

Not sure where to start when planning a trip?

If you have an external hire contract related to your annual activity, rather than a specific on-off event/trip, please email it to ICU Activities Centre.


To help fund your activities, your CSP can apply for funding from:

Trip Funding Application

Harlington Fund Application

ADF Application


Playing under protest

Sports Umpire/Referee Payment Form (for <£100 bank transfer or cash to a referee)