LGBTQ+ Network

Hi guys, gals & non-binary pals, 

My name is Avi (she/her), and I am a fourth year Medical Student. I am currently doing a BSc in Global Health which I’m super excited about!  

I really enjoy rock climbing (so let me know if you’d like to join one day!) and discovering / tasting new vegan food with my girlfriend.  

I am super passionate about all-things-LGBTQ+. Having published an article in The BMJ highlighting LGBTQ+ healthcare workers’ experiences, I am motivated to continue working hard advocating for all LGBTQ+ people.  

Personally, my journey as a queer person at Imperial has been a little tortuous; I want to do all I can to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself.  

As your LGBTQ+ Officer, I aim to: 
  • Liaise closely with IQ (Imperial’s LGBTQ+ society), as well as all other queer students who are not part of this society, to address individuals’ concerns - whether that be through presenting them to Imperial College’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum, or by other means 
  • Implement and promote support measures for Imperial’s hidden LGBTQ+ student population who have not yet come out 
  • Liaise with other London universities’ LGBTQ+ Officers (or equivalent) to unite the network and propel a movement of change – for example, through campaigns or inter-university LGBTQ+ events 
  • Introduce faculty-specific LGBTQ+ events across Imperial College 
  • Direct a focus to the unique needs of trans students at Imperial 
  • Promote the integration of informed LGBTQ+ welfare discussions during freshers' inductions  

My inbox is always open - and my email address is - if you have any Ideas, Concerns or Expectations, I’d love to hear them. Together we can build a more inclusive future!  

Avi x