Haider - ICSMSU President

Hi everyone! I'm Haider, your ICSMSU President this year.

I've completed four years of medical school and am now taking a sabbatical year to represent all of the students in the School of Medicine. Before this, I spent two years on ICSMSU dealing with our merch and student spaces, as well as holding roles in Muslim Medics, Medical Education, Sign Language and many others.

Outside of time spent on committee positions, I am a part of lots of different societies. I love playing dodgeball (#DodgeballFridays) and often give tutorials for MedEd and MM.

My aims for the year are:

  • Establishing a Clinical Skills Lab for medical students to practice as and when they need to
  • To embed a sustainability mindset in all the work we do as a Students' Union
  • Developing an ICSMSU with which students from both BMB and MBBS, and from all cultural, religious and social backgrounds can proudly identify with
  • Making sure that students get the best deal out of the refurbishment of Reynolds

A fun fact about me is I love to travel, and I'm 2 countries away from hitting my '25 before 25' goal (and taking recommendations!!)