CSP SE24 General

Summer Elections

If your CSP has remaining vacant positions after the Spring Elections, these will automatically be enrolled in the Online Summer Elections. Please encourage your members to nominate themselves for these vacant positions, so that you may start the 24/25 academic year with a full committee! 

Dates for Summer ByElections 2024


2023-24 Dates 

Nominations Open 

29/5/2024 (Wednesday) 

Nominations Close 

7/6/2024 (Friday) 

Voting Open 

10/6/2024 (Monday) 

Voting Close 

13/6/2024 (Thursday) 

Complaints deadline 

13/6/2024 (Thursday) 

Results announced  

14/6/2024 (Friday) 

Once nominations/voting opens, members can nominate themselves and vote using this link.

Any student group operating as part of Imperial College Union must democratically elect a committee to represent its members and help deliver the club, society or projects core activity throughout the year. Each committee must elect a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary to remain active and operate effectively. No one member can hold multiple principal positions in a committee. Other roles are available dependant on the student groups approved constitution. 

How can clubs, societies or projects (CSP) elect their committee? 

Imperial College Union run three rounds of elections throughout the year to give CSPs the best opportunity to elect a full committee for the following year. These elections run in Spring, Summer and Autumn terms via our online platform, this means nominations and voting is open to any student that is a full member of the union and a club, society or project. If you are interested and want to find out how to run, visit our Run For a Position information page. 

Stand for a role in our Summer Elections! 

Why run your CSP elections online

Your club, society or project will automatically be part of our Spring Election electoral roll. This means all active positions in your committee become part of the nomination and eVoting platform used during these elections.

Running your election online has a range of benefits for your club members and committee:

  • No administration for your committee!

  • Democracy! Running elections online creates the most democratic process for electing committee members, giving all members the chance to run for a position

  • Accessibility – we give all CSP members the chance to nominate themselves for a position and engage in voting for their committee

  • Hit the ground running – successfully elected students automatically get uploaded to eActivities with relevant permissions ready for the start of term

  • Get Ready - electing committee members during these elections mean they will receive a full on-boarding process with training opportunities to get a head start for next year