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Leadership Elections

About the Elections

The Leadership Elections are an annual democratic exercise in which all students at Imperial College London choose their main student leaders for the academic year ahead. We elect a student body President, four Deputy Presidents, Chair of Union Council, Student Trustees to our Board, as well as Liberation & Community Officers, Undergraduate Departmental Representatives and the committees of Constituent Unions and Clubs, Societies & Projects. Nominations open at 14:00 on Monday 13 February and close at 12:00 on Friday, 3 March 2023. Every registered student will get the chance to vote when online polls open at 9:00, Monday 13 March.

Nominate yourself here between Monday 13 February - Friday 3 March

Vote here between Monday 13 March - Thursday 16 March

Access this year's voting stats here.

Results will be announced on Friday 17 March.  More details of the results night event to follow.


LE23 Key Dates 

  • 12:00, Monday  13  February - Nominations open  
  • 12:00,  Friday 3 March - Nominations close  
  • 14:00, Tuesday, 7 March - Manifestos deadline 
  • 12:00, Wednesday 8 March - Candidates' Briefing
  • 14:00, Wednesday 8  March  - Campaigning begins and manifestos published  
  • 9:00, Monday  13  March - Voting opens  
  • 14:00, Thursday 16  March - Voting closes  
  • 18:00 Friday 17  March - Results announced

Available roles

    Any Imperial student can stand for the following roles for the 2023/24 academic year. Click on a tab to learn more about the role (or roles) and how many positions are available in this election. 

    Lead Imperial College Union

    The Officer Trustees are the leaders of Imperial College Union and are the voice of Imperial students. Elected by the entire student body, the five successful candidates take a full academic year out of their studies or at the end of their studies to work on behalf of their peers. Officer Trustee roles are full-time, paid positions, receiving a salary of more than £34k per year along with a great package of benefits and professional support from Imperial College Union's staff and Trustees.



    Keep the Union effective

    The Council Chair and Student Trustees play an important role in upholding the Union's governance and democracy. These roles are integral to ensuring the Union is working in line with its strategy, constitution and byelaws. Both roles are members of the Union's most senior governing body, the Board of Trustees.   


    Facilitate student-led change

    There are nine Liberation & Community OfficersUndergraduate Academic & Wellbeing Departmental Reps for each College department, and Postgraduate Representative roles across faculties and departments. These positions are change agents who ensure we are maintaining the highest standards and living our values of Integrity, Democracy, Inclusivity, Accountability and Ambition. These roles will represent their respective cohorts on decisions made at the College, whilst developing their own projects to improve the student experience at Imperial.




    Create active and inclusive communities

    Imperial College Union comprises five Constituent Unions (CUs, for short) and over 380 Clubs, Societies & Projects. Their committees coordinate activities and traditions which make Imperial a great place for us all to connect and collaborate, start campaigns, share ideas and have fun. Each CU and CSP has its own committee, with a President and other key roles that keep them vibrant and functional.  


    Eligibility and nominations

    1. You must be a current student enrolled on a programme at Imperial College for the full academic year. 
    2. You must meet the eligibility of specific roles, for example, you can only be a Department Rep for the Department you study in.
    3. You must not have received or be under current investigation for any Union or College disciplinary action that results in you contravening Union policy.
    4. The Union will check that candidates are eligible to run with the College prior to the start of campaigning.
    5. If you fail to meet the above requirements you shall be withdrawn from the election.


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