Request Advice

We have created a simple form for all students who would like to request Advice from the service. This form is the only way to receive support from us and can be completed by any student enrolled at Imperial College. 

Request Advice

Please note the advice service operates a 3-5 working day response time and is open Mon-Fri. We will do our best to get back to students as soon as possible. The service will be closed from March 28th till April 8th for Easter.

We can advise on the following situations:

Academic Appeals - You are unhappy with the outcome of an assessment or other formal decision of the college. 

Complaints - You wish to submit a complaint to the college of any kind. 

Requests for Mitigating Circumstances - You need support with an initial request, late submission or appealing a rejected claim. 

Navigating the Disciplinary Process - You want to better understand what you need to do when you have been accused within the disciplinary process. 

Academic Misconducts - You have been accused of any kind of academic offence including plagiarism, exam offences, collusion or using AI.

Please note that if your request is outside the matters above we will do our best to signpost you to relevant support. Please look at the college website for full support information.