ICU Advice Service

About the Imperial College Union Advice Service

The ICU Advice Service is a free, confidential, non-judgemental, and independent service for all students studying at Imperial College. If you are experiencing a problem with your studies, your halls or you are looking for support with navigating the College/Union complaints and disciplinary processes - the Advice Service is here to help. 

If we are unable to advise you with your query, we can point you in the right direction. Our Advice Caseworkers can signpost you to the relevant service or organisation. 

Request Advice

If you are in financial hardship and require a foodbank voucher, the Advice Service can issue one through the Trussell Trust. Get in touch for a referral or more information. 

Academic Issues

If you're having problems with your studies, get support from a professional Advice Caseworker. We provide guidance on university regulations, appeals, mitigating circumstances, academic misconduct, fitness to practice, fitness to study, disciplinaries and issues with your supervisor.

Halls of Residence

If you are a resident of Imperial College student accommodation and you are facing an issue, get in touch with us. We will be able to advise and advocate on your behalf.


Complaints and Disciplinary Processes

During your time at Imperial, you may experience an issue with your studies, a fellow student, facilities, or a staff member. We hope this isn't the case. However, if necessary, we can advise you on how to process a College/Union complaint, explain what happens if you're the subject of a College/Union complaint, support you in assessing your eligibility, and talk you through the timeline of when you can expect to receive an outcome. If you need us, our Advice Caseworkers can advocate for you through the process of a College complaint. 


We know that University life can be tough. If you need support with an issue we can't help with, our team can signpost you to the right support within the College, or trusted local and national organisations.