Annual Budgeting

Each year the College gives the Union a sum of money to be spent on our members. A large proportion of this is allocated directly to Clubs, Societies & Projects (CSPs) to support student-led activities. This is what we call 'Union grant'.

It’s important to write a budget for your CSP. Without one, your group cannot be considered in Annual Budgeting or be allocated any Union grant.

Budgeting Training and Guidance

Guidance on the budgeting process and system can be found on eActivities in full detail. Annual budgeting drop-ins will be hosted up from 22nd January until the 9th February.

What is the purpose of an annual budget?

Writing a budget will help you to:

  • Outline your plans for the following year; this will help the next committee to see what the CSP can afford 
  • Keep track of and manage your finances
  • Reflect on the progress your CSP is making year on year
  • Apply for Union Grant funding (if eligible) to subsidise the core activity of your CSP
  • Provide evidence when applying for other sources of income e.g. sponsorship

Your budget should be used throughout the year and updated regularly so that you can keep track of your overall finances and reflect on the progress you have made

You will find it useful to look at previous budgets and equally, your successors will find your budget useful if it is detailed and done well. 

Key Dates 2024



Annual Budgeting opens for all clubs & societies.

From this date you can create your budgets.

Friday 19th Jan 2024

Initial phase of annual budgeting closes for all clubs & societies.

After this date, your management group/constituent union reps will begin reviewing your budgets and allocating grant.  They can send budgets back to you to request changes, but you can't make unapproved changes to your budgets.

Friday 9th Feb 2024

Annual Budgeting fully closes.

After this date no further changes can happen to budgets.  Further review stages will then occur concerning grant allocations (detailed below).  If your CSP has not requested grant, no more changes will occur after this date.

Friday 8th Mar 2024

Clubs, Societies & Projects Board (CSPB) makes final grant allocations.

March 2024

Provisional grant allocations released.

There will be an appeals stage for CSPs who wish to do so.

April 2024

Final grant allocations released.

June 2024

Please note the above timetable is subject to change at the discretion of the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) and the Clubs, Societies & Projects Board (CSPB). For this reason please pay attention to emails from Student Activities and stay in touch with your Management Group or Constituent Union.

Appeals dates will be released after the third budgeting meeting.

Good luck with your budget!

Budgeting Policy

Annual Budgeting Policy