Change the world around you

What is a campaign?

If there is an issue that you feel strongly about, whether that is about your College experience or the wider world, there are three ways that you can make change through ICU. Campaigns should create impactful, lasting change for people or a cause on a local, national or global level.

How to start a campaign

If you want to start a campaign get in touch with our Education & Welfare team! We can provide advice, support and funding of up to £300 to help turn your idea into action. 

  • Share your idea with us by completing this form.
  • We will review your idea and arrange a time to meet with you.
  • Find 2-5 current students who will organise your campaign with you.
  • Plan your campaign with the support of the Representation team.
  • Get 25 supporters for your campaign idea
  • Receive monthly training, support, and resources
  • The Researcher

    The Researcher is a pathway for students who are interested in writing about issues in their community.  This is a pathway that sees a student engage for a shorter amount of time with the Union. 

    Students can receive support to approach an issue from an academic or journalistic perspective.  

    For academic writing, they will be supported to carry out the work and can be given access to relevant academic work and references. This has potential to be tied into academic credits, perhaps through Horizons, and is something to be explored at a later stage.  

    In consultation with Felix, students could be supported to write an article for the newspaper. This has the potential to shine a light on issues that are not as well-known to the Union, and the potential to reach a wider audience of interested students. It can also be a first step to influence College decision-makers.

  • The Campaigner

    The group must: 

    • Be student-led 

    • Have more than three students as points of contact 

    • Work on issues that affect students as students 

    • Not duplicate or majorly overlap with existing campaigns 

    • Gain 25 supporters by registering CID numbers 

    To get started, email the Campaigns & Liberation coordinator on to set up an initial chat to explore your idea

  • The Listener

    Students who are interested in learning more about an issue they care about by going to a conference, training session, or workshop can apply to receive up to £75 towards this. Applications will open at the start of the academic year and will close by the first Community and Welfare Forum (CWF). Four nominated members of CWF will review the applications and decide which applications will be approved. If any budget is left unspent, applications can be reopened at the beginning of Spring Term.  

    Successful applicants will be required to write a report for CWF so that the knowledge they have gained can be disseminated among CWF members, and to see if there is a potential for collaboration or joining existing representative projects.  

Current campaigns

Find out more about the student-led campaigns taking place this year and support a cause that matters to you!


Imperial Climate Action