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Sustainability at ICU

We recognise that the ICU has a social responsibility towards not just the immediate ICU community, but to society and the environment at large. This responsibility lies within our own activity, and the activities of those we engage with. These are some of the things we are doing within the ICU to push forward the agenda on sustainability here at Imperial.

Union Sustainability Plan

We are currently in the process of developing the Union Sustainability Plan to strategise our approach to sustainability as an organisation. We will be running student consultations in the coming year, so definitely check out this space to stay updated!

Principles of Socially Responsible Engagement

Relationships with third parties entered into by ICU should be considered by the principles outlined in the Principles of Socially Responsible Engagement policy to ensure they support ICU’s mission, strategic aims, and are consistent with ICU’s values. This document outlines the principles these considerations should take, and is the first step towards creating a shared, strategic approach for ICU’s engagements.


Sustainability at Imperial

As one of the world's top universities, Imperial College has the power and responsibility to make a sustainable, zero-pollution future a reality. Student representation is key to driving Imperial's work for a better future; the Deputy President (Finance & Services) sits on some of the formal university boards listed below, including the Sustainability Strategy Committee, Education for Sustainability Committee, and Grantham Advisory Board.

Imperial Zero Pollution

Imperial Zero Pollution is the central hub for sustainability at Imperial, driving for change across the college to realise a sustainable, zero pollution future.

Many of the committees and policies outlined in this section are overseen and managed by Imperial Zero Pollution.

College Sustainability Strategy 2021-2026

The College Sustainability Strategy 2021-2026 outlines the areas of focus regarding sustainability across the college, with key themes centralised around sustainable resource management, academic excellence and research, and engagement with the wider community.

Socially Responsible Investment Policy

In 19/20, the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Policy Working Group was set up following the recommendation from the ICU and the College President’s Board, leading to the development of the College SRI Policy, which was launched in March 2020.

The implementation of this policy is reviewed and monitored by the SRI Engagement Monitoring Panel.

The Grantham Institute

The Grantham Institute sits at the heart of the College's work on climate change and the environment, contributing to, and leading on: world-class research, training and innovation towards effective action on climate change and the environment.

Grantham Advisory Board

The Grantham Advisory Board meets formally once a year, but work closely day-to-day with the Grantham Research Institute at Imperial College London and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Climate Cares Centre

The Climate Cares Centre is the first in the world to dedicate research and focus specifically on climate, mental health and wellbeing. They consist of a team of researchers, designers, policy experts and educators working to understand and support mental health in the current climate and ecological crises.

Education for Sustainability Committee

The Education for Sustainability Committee is set-up for 2023-24, as a result of campaigns from ICU's student-led groups and sabbatical officers. The group is currently looking at mapping Imperial's current curriculum to the UN Sustainable Development Goals; promoting sustainability literacy to all students and staff; developing extra-curricular programs for students; and improving sustainable lab practices through the LEAF initiative.

Climate Education

Want to learn more about climate change and sustainability? Feel like you're uncertain how your degree can be used to push for challenge?

Imperial offers several courses focusing on environmental solutions, and for our current students, there is a range of online courses and I-Explore modules to develop your understanding.

Sustainable Halls Campaign

The Sustainable Halls Campaign is a competition run between our halls of residence at Imperial. The campaign involves halls engaging with residence in their halls through pledges, quizzes and training to learn and spread awareness about sustainability living in halls.

The latest report on Sustainability in Halls 22/23 can be found here.

Share Your Ideas!

Have an idea about how we can do better at being sustainable here at Imperial? Share them with us so we can have a look! You can also share any questions you might have when it comes to sustainability around Imperial College and the ICU.