Representatives to Council

Imperial College Union is a democracy, and Union Council is where elected student representatives make decisions and set policies on a wide range of issues.

Union Council has over 50 members, the majority of which are senior student volunteers from across our various services, networks and activities - such as Officer Trustees, Management Group Chairs, Constituent Union leaders, and senior Academic & Wellbeing Representatives.

In addition to these members, there are sixteen Representatives to Council, directly elected to Union Council every year. 

Who is a Representative to Council?

The Reps in these roles are the only Council members who are elected directly to Council rather than receiving their place automatically through their other roles - such as being an Officer Trustee, Constituent Union President or Management Group Chair. 

To make these positions representative of our membership, fifteen Representative to Council places are divided up by faculty and by the proportion of Postgraduates and Undergraduates in each. One further place is reserved for our members who are not in a Faculty - such as the Business School and Centre for Languages, Culture & Communication. 

This year (2022), we have the following roles:

  • 2x Faculty of Medicine (Postgraduate) Representative to Council 
  • 2x Faculty of Medicine (Undergraduate) Representatives to Council 
  • 2x Faculty of Engineering (Postgraduate) Representatives to Council 
  • 4x Faculty of Engineering (Undergraduate) Representatives to Council 
  • 2x Faculty of Natural Sciences (Postgraduate) Representatives to Council 
  • 2x Faculty of Natural Sciences (Undergraduate) Representatives to Council 
  • 2x Business School (Postgraduate) Representatives to Council 

What does a Representative to Council do?

These Reps speak for their fellow Undergraduates or Postgraduates in their faculty. While any student of Imperial College London can attend Council, or bring a paper to it for approval, Representatives to Council are there to give a voice to students who may not otherwise volunteer with Imperial College Union. The roles exist to ensure that every faculty and study type has at least one dedicated representative on Council to air their views.

Who are the current Representatives to Council you can get in touch with?

The Representatives to Council for 2021/2 are:

UG Science Ding Ding
UG Science Stefano Fiocca
UG Engineering Ben Ford
UG Engineering Rea Tresa 
UG Engineering Yueyang Yu
UG Engineering Shaheer Chaudry
UG Medicine Sasha Lisitsyna
UG Medicine Hao Ze Yang
PG Science Mahamood Mubarak
PG Science Tianyu Wen
PG Business Yilu Shi
PG Business Akshaya Anil
PG Medicine Eric Auyang
PG Medicine Songyang Li
PG Engineering Yanda Tao
PG Engineering Xinyi HUANG