Clubs Societies & Projects Board

The Clubs, Societies and Projects Board (CSPB) is a subcommittee of Union Council, comprised of senior volunteers (Management Groups and Constituent Unions) who support the Union to deliver and develop Student Activities at the Students' Union. It has five primary functions:

  • Oversee the governance of all Club, Society and Project Activity
  • Oversee the creation and dissolution of Students' Union affiliated Clubs, Societies and Projects
  • The Allocation of Funds to Clubs, Societies and Projects
  • To develop policies and regulations in relation to CSP Activities
  • To provide a representative space for CSP Leaders views to be escalated to the Union

All CSPs have a voice at CSPB through an elected representative whether that be through a Management Group Committee or Constituent Union Committee.

  • CSPB Sub-Committees

    The Board has 3 sub-committees that help meet the functions of the board.  They regularly in relation to the processes they oversee. The three sub-committees are:

    • The New Activities Committee (Oversee the creation and dissolution of Students' Union affiliated Clubs, Societies and Projects)
    • The Trips & Tours Committee (The Allocation of the Trip Fund to Clubs, Societies and Projects)
    • The Activities Development Fund Committee (The Allocation of the Activities Development Fund to Clubs, Societies and Projects)

CSPB Meetings

The Board meet regularly through out term to deliver its business and the sub-committees meet digitally, inline with the deadlines of the processes they oversee. Below you can find out the specific dates of meetings, as well as the board agendas and minutes.

  • CSPB Meeting Dates & Minutes
    Meeting  Date Minutes
    CSPB Meeting 1 

    Tuesday 12th October 

    CSPB Meeting 2

    Thursday 16th November 

    CSPB Meeting 3 Thursday 12th December Minutes

    Hyperlinks to the minutes will added as each are published. We aim to publish the draft minutes a week after each meeting.  Final approve minutes are published following the next meeting.

Submit Agenda Items or Policy Feedback For Discussion:

If you have any issues with anything related to process, policies, procedure for CSP's we recommend you discuss this with your Management Group or Constituent Union who can submit agenda discussion points on your behalf. If you don't have an MG/CU committee, you can submit them directly below yourself. We will also share policy updates for feedback which you can add feedback on using the form below.

Submit Agenda Item or Feedback Here
(As it is likely that we will have submissions similar in nature, and for the sake of board efficiency we will condense, combine and summarise the submissions we receive. We each theme or combined piece of feedback/agenda item we receive, we will ensure the board is aware of the number of submissions we received on the topic to ensure the depth of the problem or feedback is understood)

  • Agenda Submissions & Feedback Deadlines
    Meeting Agenda submission deadline

    CSPB 1 

    The first CSPB doesn't focus on feedback, it starts in November.

    CSPB 2

    Thursday 24th November 

    Sunday 20th November 

    CSPB 3 

    Thursday 16th December

    Sunday 11th December 

    CSPB 4 

    Thursday 26th January

    Sunday 22nd January 

    CSPB 5 

    Thursday 2nd March

    Sunday 26th February 

    CSPB 6 

    Thursday 23rd March

    Sunday 19th March 

Accountability & Transparency

It is important to the Union and our DPCS the Clubs, Societies and Projects Board discussions and actions are public, transparent and allow accountability from all CSP's. Above you can find a copy of all the agenda and minutes from the board, and below you can find the action tracker from the board. 

CPSB Action Tracker