LGBTQ+ Network

My name is Devni and I am a third year Medic and your LGBTQ+ Officer!

My hobbies include art, music, and making overly specific Spotify playlists. Having grown up queer in a very conservative community, I know just how important forming LGBTQ+ networks are!




This year as your LGBTQ+ Officer, I will: 

  • Work with IQ (Imperial LGBT+ Society) to continue to provide regular social events (@iq.imperial on Instagram for all events)
  • Focus on intersectionality - more events for specific groups within the LGBT+ community e.g. women, QPOC, transgender people
  • Work with IQ to provide more support for queer students who aren't as out and confident yet
  • Continue to organise campaigns for LGBT+ History Month and Pride Month
  • Be the voice for any student who has encountered any kind of problem relating to their sexuality or gender identity, and do everything in my power to solve it