Ethics & Environment Network

I'm Riqi and I am your Ethics and Environment Officer

I am a second year PhD Candidate at the Centre for Environmental Policy. My research topic is: Developing and Implementing Land Use and Food Conservation Interventions to Inform China's Carbon Neutrality Transition. 

My hobbies include camping, skydiving and diving. I am also a deep anime lover!

We all feel very concerned about climate change. I will do whatever I can to help us progress towards the aim of the world's carbon neutrality by 2050. I believe my passion, my past experiences and my research background can make myself a successful officer!

My goals: 

  • Lobby college canteens to implement a plate system to reduce the use of boxes
  • Reduce unnecessary lighting on campus in the night time 
  • Host campus environmental lectures to improve our earth-protection awareness
  • Campaign to promote the use of recyclable paper in College 
  • Improve College and Union garbage classification system and add food waste bins
  • Collaborate with other UK Student-Union Environmental Officers and host UK Nation-wide forums to develop activities to address environmental concerns
  • Establish a student feedback system to collect opinions/ideas about environmental issues and direct them to the College Leadership Team
  • Monitor and guarantee that the College always implements its sustainability strategy and promotes further feasible changes proposed by the student body
  • Carry out Union-led sustainability assessment in each department with ranking formula