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The RCS Motor Club looks after 'Jezebel', a 1916 Dennis Fire Engine which has been at Imperial since 1955! We can often be seen driving Jez around London (turning some heads of course), using Jez's water pump in Hyde Park (to disrupt the pedalos and generally get the whole park wet), helping out at pub crawls (where only the driver has to stay completely sober, hint hint) or attending vintage vehicle shows, fire rallies and steam festivals up and down the country (bring a tent, sleeping under Jez is extremely uncomfortable, I can tell you)! If you're inclined to get up to your elbows in oil then you're more than welcome to help with repairs - you don't need to be mechanically minded, experienced or even skilled to help, simply turn up at the garage and we'll show you the ropes! Whether it's joyriding and exploring, greasing and oiling, camping and traveling or just generally making merry out and about in London, drop us an email or follow the sound of Jez's bell - I promise you won't regret it!

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