RCSMC Regalia


Help support Jezebel and look fancy doing it!

For specific details of the clothing see these links:
Polo : £27 : https://www.bc-collection.eu/en/polo-shirts/bc-id001-pui10
Hoodie : £28 : https://www.xamax.co.uk/awdis-college-hoodie.html
Sweatshirt: £23 : https://www.xamax.co.uk/fruit-of-the-loom-men-s-classic-raglan-sweatshirt.html

You will need to collect your items from the garage during a garage session or organise with us to receive them at an event.

If there is something (on www.xamax.co.uk) you really want that isn't in stock we can look into getting it done as a one-off, just email jez@imperial.ac.uk with your ideas.

Seller Information

This product is sold by a Club, Society, or Project. For further information about how this product is fulfilled or for any enquiries relating to this product please contact the relevant group or Union Reception

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