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SE21 - Information for Candidates

This page contains information you will find useful as a candidate in the Summer Elections 2021. It is a useful resource during and after the elections and you're strongly encouraged to read before running. Everyone standing for a position will be required to indicate that they have read the rules of the election before being allowed to participate.  If you have any questions, please contact the Elections Team

On this page

  • Candidates' Pack and SE21 Rules - to help you understand the positions, campaign confidently, and play by the rules
  • DRO Reports - for all the latest rulings from the Deputy Returning Officer (DRO)
  • Training and Support for Candidates - for submitting you nomination, writing a manifesto and running an effective and inclusive campaign
  • Elections Team - understand who is running your Summer Elections 2020 and who to contact for queries
  • Declaring your Campaign Spending - how to declare your election spending after campaigning 
  • Publicity Banners - the material which must be included on any publicity material you produce for your campaign
  • Complaints Form -  if you would like to raise a concern about the conduct of a candidate in this election

Candidates' Pack & Election Rules

Imperial College Union's elections are governed by rules that ensure fairness and accessibility while rewarding energy and enthusiasm. By nominating yourself for a role, you agree that you have read and understood all of the relevant rules and policies. 

DRO Reports

The rules of the elections will be interpreted and enforced by a Deputy Returning Officer (DRO). The DRO will handle complaints and issue rulings on breaches and other matters according to the rules. 

Training & Support for Candidates

Imperial College Union offers a comprehensive induction and training for elected officers and representatives ('Reps'), with tailored programmes for different positions.

Wellbeing Representatives ('Reps')
Those who volunteer as 'Reps' within the Wellbeing Representation Network (WBRN) will discuss sensitive issues with their peers, such as stress and mental health, therefore Wellbeing Representative Training is compulsory.

Academic Representatives ('Reps')
Those who volunteer as 'Reps' within the Academic Representation Network (ARN) will also be required to attend an induction and/or training.

2019/20 Induction & Training Information


Club, Society and Project Officers (committee members)
Club, Society and Project Officers receive a tailored induction and additional development training through the year, including at Officer Academy, our conference-style training, induction and networking day.

We will contact successful candidates with details of induction and/or training sessions. We ask that all elected officers and representatives attend their specified induction and/or training in order to understand Imperial College Union, meet fellow leaders, and learn how to be effective and successful in their role(s)

As well as role-specific training, Imperial College Union also offers skills-based training, supporting our volunteers to develop skills such as public speaking, authentic leadership, and time management. 

Support for submitting your nomination

The following support is available to help you with your candidacy:

Writing an Effective Manifesto
This will help you prepare your manifesto with information on how to craft your platform, as well as tips on language and persuasion. 
View this on the Training Hub  

Planning and Delivering your Campaign
This course will equip you with the tools to craft a campaign that reaches as many of your peers as possible with tips to help you connect with the whole Imperial community.
View this on the Training Hub

Support for your wellbeing

Elections can be stressful and if you're doing it right, you will invest a lot of time and emotion in your campaigns. Don't forget to look after yourself. Remember to take time out, eat, sleep and be kind to yourself. If you ever feel overwhelmed, talk to someone! The Union's confidential Advice Centre are always here to help. You can also reach out to Your Deputy President Welfare.

Wellbeing Contacts
Advice Centre: advice@imperial.ac.uk
Deputy President (Welfare) - Shervin Sabeghi: dpwelfare@imperial.ac.uk 

The Elections Team

The elections team are here to set up the election and ensure that it runs smoothly, is fair and transparent, and in line with our values.

For any queries about this election, you can contact the team at elections@imperial.ac.uk. We do however ask that you read the Candidates' Pack, and associated guidance within this page in full before contacting the team.

For the Summer Elections 2021 the Returning Officer (RO) is to be confirmed.

Declaring your Campaign Spending

All candidates must submit their spend declaration to elections@imperial.ac.uk by 19:00, 11 June 2020. Here's a step-by-step guide to submitting it:

  • Download the Spend Declaration Template
  • Review the Spend Declaration Sample to see a completed version
  • Complete the Spend Declaration with your name, username, position, and expenditures
  • Add your sort code and account number if you are running for a full-time or Constituent Union President position
  • Gather all of your paper receipts and take photos
  • Gather screenshots or attachable files of all electronic receipts
  • Ensure all receipt files have your name and the item type included in the file name - for example 'John Doe - Badges.jpg'
  • Send one email to elections@imperial.ac.uk with the subject line '<Your Name> <Your Role> - Spend Declaration' - for example 'John Doe - GSU President - Spend Declaration'
  • If you are running for more than one position, please complete one declaration template for each position
  • If you have spent no money on your campaign, please simply send an email telling us your expenditure was zero.
  • Please predict spending that will take place on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, or can't be billed until afterwards
  • If receipts are not available, other evidence of cost will suffice
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Elections Team on elections@imperial.ac.uk

Publicity Banners

All promotional material created by candidates - such as posters or websites - must include the publicity banner and hashtag, which saves you the task of adding basic information such as the voting period, hashtag and website.

Please align the hashtag to the top right of your poster.

Portrait Posters (click for example)

Full Colour

Download image: JPG 

Monochrome (black on white)

Download image: JPG 

Monochrome (white on black)

Download image: JPG

Landscape Posters (see example)

Full Colour

Download image: JPG 

Monochrome (black on white)

Download image: JPG 

Monochrome (white on black)

Download image: JPG 

Tagline for posters 

To be added on the upper right hand side of your images. Download image: PNG

Complaints form

Breaches of the campaign rules are taken very seriously to ensure the elections are fair. If you would like to make a complaint about the conduct of anyone involved in the Summer Elections 2021,  you will need to complete the online complaints form.