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Welcome to the Neurodiversity Society, a new society dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for neurodivergent individuals, including those with formal and self-diagnoses. We are not a mental health society, but we hope to create a space where neurodivergent individuals feel able to share their experiences so that others may learn from them. Our mission is to provide a platform for both neurodivergent and neurotypical people to learn about neurodivergent issues, understand the challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals, and support inclusion and equality. We aim to make neurodivergent people and issues more visible and provide support for those experiencing difficulties. We strive to raise awareness of the societal stigma against neurodivergent people, and advocate for policy changes at Imperial. We also aim to support individuals who suspect they may be neurodivergent, throughout their diagnosis journeys. We have a variety of events planned so far including regular discussion groups, guest speaker events, and PowerPoint nights. We also plan to collaborate with other societies and organisations. Join us in our journey to promote understanding, acceptance, and equality for all.

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