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LE24: What is it like being an Officer Trustee?

Imperial College Union
Monday 19 February 2024 12:20

Have you seen a role that’s caught your eye? Still unsure if you should nominate in the upcoming elections? Don’t take it from us. Hear directly from students, just like you, who have held these positions themselves throughout their time at Imperial.

For this edition, let's hear from India about her experience as an Officer Trustee!

I’m India, I was the Deputy President (Clubs and Societies) in 2021-22. My sabbatical year was extremely valuable to me in personal and professional development, in addition to just getting to do what I loved!

The opportunity to be a trustee of a charity and be an integral part of the board was extremely valuable to me - I developed insider knowledge about how charities work, learning from experienced members of the board how to influence change.

Working at the union also helped me develop management skills that will help support my career going forward - I sat on countless interview panels, made strategic staffing decisions, and proposed solutions to challenging problems. I gained experience in managing my workload in a very different way from my degree - I was able to prioritise projects that were important to me alongside those that were essential to the role.

But best of all - I just had a great year! I was able to work full-time helping students while continuing to take part in the societies I loved and experience all that Imperial has to offer for one precious extra year.

I highly recommend taking a sabbatical year if you are similarly passionate about the Imperial student experience and what you can give to it!

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