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LE24: Get involved in a Constituent Union!

Imperial College Union
Friday 23 February 2024 11:15

Meet Reha, President of the Royal School of Mines for 2023-2024. The Royal School of Mines Union is the Constituent Union representing all undergraduate students in the Departments of Materials and Earth Science and Engineering.


Why did you run for your role?

I have always been passionate about leadership and knowing that I can make positive impacts on the lives of my peers through a position of responsibility, no matter the size of the role. Throughout my time at Imperial and within the RSM, I have always been part of a vibrant, yet close-knit and friendly atmosphere.

I have found friends that I can now call my family, and I have grown as a person. I feel that holding a committee position is a way of giving back to the community that has given so much to me and is so supportive of my ideas and efforts. 

This is the main reason why I ran to be President of the RSM! I love the RSM as a community, and I love being a leader who leads by example. During my various representation roles from my first year, and during my time as Honorary Secretary of the RSM last year, I gained a deepened understanding of the workings of the RSMU, and understood the best interest of my peers, keeping in line with the modern times but also aligning with age-old traditions - I understood what works best and what doesn't.

I thus came up with my own ideas on how to improve the functioning further, and what best to do to improve student social life. I chose to run for President as I knew it will be a way for me to put my ideas into effect to better student experiences, increase engagement, improve the public image of the RSM as an institution and uphold our prestige!


What did you achieve in your role?

I achieved everything I could hope for and more! I improved the financial condition of the RSMU and significantly increased engagement from the wider student body. Using new and improved marketing/ email skills, I not only encouraged undergraduates to participate in our activities, I helped integrate postgraduates (both taught and research) as well as staff into our activities.

I've also improved the lines and chains of communication, making it more transparent. I have seen the positive impact I have made on the students of the RSM, who have actively appreciated the efforts I have put in with the help of the rest of my committee to bring everything together. I have also strengthened the relations of the RSM with the RSM Alumni Association. I believe I have also been a source of inspiration for future generations of students to take my work to greater heights!


What aspects of your role did you enjoy the most?

I have enjoyed working with my wonderful committee. Every person was a delight to work with, and the constructive collaboration has not only improved the functioning of the RSM Committee, but it has inspired me to be a better version of myself everyday.

I really liked meeting a variety of people through this role and expanding my viewpoint on various Imperial/Union and leadership aspects. And as cliche as it sounds, I have loved making a good impact on my peers and making them smile while doing something I love!


What are three reasons why someone should run in the elections?

1) It is a great way to contribute to a community you are an integral part of and advocate the best interest of your peers. It gives you a sense of pride to be able to organise something for an entire student body, just like how someone would have done for you in the past/ in your fresher's year!

2) It helps improve your personal skills such as leadership and professionalism, public speaking and communication, organisation, financial management and learning how to work in a team- all soft skills essential for the post-uni career life and for just general life!

3) You get to meet some amazing people throughout the process, and they're all part of the experience in teaching you how to be a good leader and an approachable person. Your networking skills also improve.


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