Anthea MacIntosh-LaRocque

Anthea has mid length brown hair and is smiling. She is wearing a white collared shirt.
Council Chair

I’m Anthea and I am currently pursuing a PhD in bioengineering. Before this, I spent four years as a physics undergraduate at Imperial. Throughout my time at Imperial, I have been deeply involved with the Union, engaging in student welfare representation roles at different levels – from year-group to department to faculty.

This year, I have been entrusted with the role of Union Council Chair. This gives me the opportunity to contribute to the Union’s development and continue my passion for student representation and democracy, while sitting on the Board of Trustees. My experience in welfare representation has provided me with insight into the needs and concerns of students, and I hope to use this understanding on Board to ensure the Union offers exceptional representation for all its members. I aim to engage in the Union’s strategic development, ensuring its alignment with our diverse student body’s interests and aspirations.