Wellbeing Resources

Why Wellbeing?

Being at university can be a stressful time; the pressure of studying, managing timetables, feeling homesick, and going through exams may all contribute to poor wellbeing. Feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally helps you get the most out of each day and can build resilience to overcome obstacles during your time at Imperial. 

We have comprised a list of wellbeing resources to help make your time at Imperial as stress free as possible.

How the College can help


Mindfulness can help us focus on our thoughts and help perceive what is happening in our lives. It can help reduce feelings of stress, failure and struggles with concentration - all emotions normal to experience while studying. 

The College Chaplaincy offers a range of Mindfulness sessions: 

  • Weekly drop in sessions during term times (Monday 12:00-13:00, Tuesday 13:00-14:00, Wednesday 18:00-19:00)
  • One-to-one conversations to help you get started or develop the practice can be arranged with the College's Chaplain and Mindfulness teacher, Hogetsu Baerndal
  • Longer courses will be available soon

All sessions are held at 15 Prince's Gardens, South Kensington Campus, SW7 1NA

Mental Health Services, Workshops & Programmes

It is normal to feel like your mental health is suffering during your time at university. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, lonely, depressed, or anxious, the College has a range of resources to help you get through. 

The Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service offers courses and workshops which focus on a range of wellbeing topics. It currently runs The Kind Mind Series; a series of weekly videos and resources focusing on looking after the mind, body and heart. You can view all episodes here.

SilverCloud is an online platform which offers self-help programmes 24/7. Programmes include informational videos, quizzes and activities, all based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) concepts. There are currently 8 courses available to Imperial students: 

  • Space for Positive Body Image
  • Space from Anxiety 
  • Space from Depression
  • Space from Depression and Anxiety 
  • Space from Health Anxiety 
  • Space from Panic
  • Space from Social Anxiety 
  • Space from Stress

If you would like to arrange a SilverCloud support session, email counselling@imperial.ac.uk to arrange a 50 minute slot. More information about SilverCloud's programmes, including modules and course topics, can be found here.

Imperial College have created a range of NHS approved self help guides, providing user friendly information on a variety of wellbeing topics. Find the guides here for information on mental health issues, bereavement, sleep, and more. 

If you are experiencing difficulties with your mental health while outside of the UK, browse this list of international mental health charities created by Calm Zone.

Wellbeing Advisors

Each faculty has Wellbeing Advisors who can offer confidential support and advice on mental health and wellbeing tips. To find the Wellbeing Advisor for your faculty or department, click here.

Move Imperial

Move Imperial offers a wide range of options to keep your body moving and mind active during your studies. Whether you're a serious athlete or simply looking to keep fit, it's easy to make physical activity part of your downtime from studying.

Student gym and swim memberships cost £55 a year and there's also an ever-growing programme of recreational sport and fitness activities. 

Our Just Move programme offers unlimited access to loads of classes & sessions not included in a regular gym membership, including Yoga, Tai Chi, Basketball and more, all for £40 for the year. Or, if you're interested in joining a sports team, Imperial Athletes is home to over 90 clubs from American Football to Windsurfing. We also have lots of free events going on throughout the year.

The Move More programme is an 8, 10 or 12 week free and personalised programme focussed on improving your overall lifestyle through workshops, presentations and 1-2-1 training. If you are interested, please email Leisha Wegg for more information.