Training Sessions 2023

This year we are launching a variety of training sessions, resources and workshops to help your 2023/24 Club, Society and Project committee members have a successful year of activity! 

Last year we completely relaunched the way we support your activity, this year we want to work with your committees to develop and train your leaders on how to get the most out of Imperial College Union. 

Training and Development Programme

What do we mean? We hope to deliver a range of inclusive, accessible and exciting training opportunities for next year's committee members. This includes creating online resources available throughout the year, running online workshops for specific processes and delivering in-person training for your principal committee members (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary). 

Training Schedule

Training Title Date Sign Up
eActivities Introduction & Finance (Chair/Treasurer/Vice Chair) 31st August @ 5pm

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In-Person Training (Chair/Treasurer/Secretary) 25th/27th/29th September CSP Committee Training 2023 | Imperial College Union

Welfare Training (All CSP Committee Members)

W/C 18th September  
Annual Activity Training  Online Annual Activity Training Video
Financial Responsibility  Online Training Quizzes | eActivities (

What's it going to look like? 

The training and development programme for CSP committees will run in conjunction with our process launches and committee handover period. Any workshops run out of term time will be either fully online or delivered hybrid

  • Online Resources

    All up-to-date online resources can be found on the Imperial College Union website. Please only refer to eActivities pages if directed specifically by the activities team via email/drop-in.

    The Student Activities Team will be putting together a range of online resources to help your committees with all our processes and procedures over the Summer break. 

    The plan is to create video tutorials and process maps to support your committee members completing our various forms & quizzes

  • Training Workshops

    What? 'Training Workshops' - this will be a hybrid meeting open to all committee members on key processes that need to be completed out of term time. 

    Why? You'll need to know about some Imperial College Union (ICU) procedures before term starts. These workshops may need to be delivered outside of term time and available to committee members in-person or online. 

    All workshop links will be sent out to new committee members via our fortnightly newsletter and uploaded through this webpage. 

    ICU procedures specifically refer to Financial Responsibility, Annual Activity Proposals and Annual Room Bookings (more will be included when we plan the full programme. 

  • In-Person Committee Training

    What? An in-person training session run by the activities team to improve your leadership skills.

    When? Our in-person training sessions will take place in the Union Building at the beginning or just before the start of the 23/24 Autumn Term (30th September). 

    Who? Why? We are aiming to run in-person training sessions before the Welcome Fair for any Principal Committee Members (Chair/Treasurer/Secretary). These sessions will be targeted towards how committees should function in order to successfully run a great year of activity for their members. This will include training on planning events, increasing membership and running safe, inclusive activity. 

Compulsory Training

Some of the ICU processes require specific training to legally comply with our financial responsibilities, health & safety policies and CSP structures. 

There may be some sessions in the programme that we are required to make compulsory for any CSPs looking to run events, access funding or deliver certain activity. Any compulsory training will be communicated as early as possible to all CSP committee members. 

What if I can't make it? 

Not all members will be required to attend our compulsory training. Some session may require at least one representative from your committee to attend. Other training (such as Financial Responsibility Training) will require any member that intends to access financial processes to attend specific training

Any compulsory training will be ran online via MS Teams.