Why do I need a Handover?

A handover document is a written document with vital information to pass on from one committee/committee member to the next. A handover document can also be used to pass on key information to non-committee member roles, that are highly involved and engaged in the running of your Club, Society and Project.  

All committee members are responsible for completing this handover. Tasks can be delegated, and shared among committee members. 

What do I do before I complete my Handover?

In addition to creating the handover there will be some tasks for the current committee to complete:

Tasks For Current Committee  



Upload next year's contact details 

21st April 

23rd July 

Create and deliver committee handover for next year’s committee members 

7th July 

4th August 

Password handover – Inform new Committee of the shared email/social media account details  

14th July 

31st July 


We have a basic template to get you started but remember to tailor it to your CSP and Roles!

Be sure to have a read of this page before you get started 

CSP-Committee Handover Template.docx

Handover Starter Kit: The Basics 

In your handover you should include: 

  • CSP Log in and Passwords
    • CSP Email address and Password
    • Details to Social Media accounts 

    This should already be shared with the New Committee by 31st July, but this should also be in the Handover to account for any potential committee changes 

  • A list of core roles duties (Chair/Treasurer/Secretary)
    • What responsibilities will they will be inheriting?
    • What specific things are they responsible for in your CSP?
  • Copy of Important Documents
    • Constitution
    • Annual Budgeting
    • Risk Assessments
  • Committee Structure and membership

    Do you need to go through a committee structure change?  

  • Regular Activity and Events

    How to organise events:

    • Outline of your student groups key projects, events, regular activities 

    • Event Planning –What events are covered by your annual risk assessment?  What Large events does your group organise? What do you need to be able put-on regular/large events? Large- events: Risk Assessment, Budgets, Contracts, Food provision Guidelines, a timeline (in line with union processes) 

    • Risk Assessment Templates for regular activity (annual) and flagship large events 

    • Key contacts/suppliers - What Union approved suppliers have you successfully used in the past? What do you need to look out for when picking new Suppliers: Does the company take Purchase Orders (PO’s)? Do they have Public Liability Insurance? What is their food hygiene rating 

  • Sponsorships, Contracts, Coaches & Instructors

    All instructors & sponsorship agreements need to be renewed each year and co-signed by the Union. 

  • Records of current and previous funding applications

    Current Funding Pots: ADF (Activity Development Fund), Trip funding, Harlington

    • What have you previously applied for? 
    • Which applications were you successful in? 
  • Equipment Inventory

    All CSPs must complete the inventory & equipment process!  Make sure to forward any current or past inventory documents and keep a record on them in your handover.

  • Storage Spaces
    • Where is your storage located?
    • Is there a lock/key/pin code?
    • Does it require approval from the union to be accessed?

When writing your Committee Handover consider thinking about: 

  • Useful past Information - what you have done in the past year/s. e.g., Risk Assessment Templates (Annual/flagship events). Union approved suppliers you have used for events... that will be useful to use again. 

  • Important present Information - what services are you currently using? e.g., rooms ideal for regular activity? What are you doing now that is gaining interest and members for your society? 

  • Information on future plans – Are there aims you still want to achieve that can be passed on to the new committee? What events are you planning for and are there similar templates?  

Some roles may need individual handovers, please use this as a basis and provide the relevant information for different roles where necessary.  

All Committee current committee members should share this handover to the new committee by August 4th. 

It is the responsibility of both the outgoing and incoming committee members to ensure this handover document is passed on with the correct information. 



All committee member responsibilities 

Committee members have defined roles and responsibilities. The responsibilities outlined below are considered core for any Club, Society or Project.

This page will go through the core responsibilities of all committee members take on once elected and the specific responsibilities of the principle roles can be found here for (Chair/Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer).

  • You are an ambassador

    You and your members are ambassadors for Imperial College Union and Imperial College London. You are responsible for what your CSP does and says. This includes conduct at all events and what is published in the media and on the web. 

  • You are accountable

    You are accountable to your members for what happens. You are also accountable to the Union and the College for the actions of your CSP members whilst undertaking your activity.

  • You have a duty of care

    You have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of you members. Practically, this means attending relevant training and completing risk assessments and other required documents.

  • You can be held personally liable

    If found responsible for breaching Union or College policies or the law, you may be subject to Union and/or College Disciplinary action. These proceedings may result in varying levels of punishment, including an entry on your permanent College record. For medical students this may affect your Fitness to Practice.