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Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport played by passing the disc between players, with points being scored by catching the disc in the opposition team's endzone like in American Football. Players in possession of the disc cannot move but the rest of the team are almost always in motion, demanding athleticism, speed and stamina. Ultimate Frisbee is a truly mixed sport, with men and women competing on the same playing field, although we also compete in separate Open and Women's divisions as well. The sport is self-refereed, ensuring a mutual respect between opponents and an excellent social scene. Almost all of our players had never played (or in some cases even heard) of Ultimate Frisbee before coming to university, but Imperial regularly competes in the top national competitions in addition to tournaments in the first term designed specifically for beginners. In addition to training in Hyde Park, we also host a number of socials throughout the year from board game nights to party potlucks. We also have links to some of the best clubs in London, a number of our team mates for UK’s top club teams.

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