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If we had to sum up triathlon in 3 words, it would be swimming, cycling and running. However, you don’t have to enjoy all these sports to join triathlon; racing is the only time when we do them all together – and you definitely don’t need to race. We have over 10 sessions every week for you to choose from, including; cycling around Richmond park, where you might spot a herd of deer; a run around Hyde park at a very social pace; social swim, where we aim for 4 lengths before hitting the sauna; and even Yoga once a fortnight, Charlie has been told he sounds like a voice from Headspace. If you're chasing specific goals, we have subsidised coaching from highly-qualified swim coaches, weekly interval sessions with ICXCAC, and spin sessions to improve your power while cycling. Our aim is to create a friendly, supportive atmosphere where everyone with an interest is pushed to achieve their personal goals. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive society (we won’t leave you behind on cycles or night outs!). We subsidise tickets for BUCS duathlon, standard and sprint, as well as local triathlons. Last year, we organised a Fresher’s tour and a Summer tour to Club La Santa, Lanzarote; but expect more to come this year! You'll join a tight social community of motivated people and can take advantage of a great training environment in London, as well as getting involved in the Imperial sport nightlife.

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