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Hi everyone and thank you for your interest in RSM Tennis, an RSMU sports club focused on beginners. We are a brand new club for 2020/21 and we are looking for active members to support the club's development and make some new traditions. The club holds weekly training sessions which are an environment that allows beginners and experienced players to play and improve together. It doesn't matter if you have never held a tennis racket before, come along and give the sport a go - the more experienced players will be delighted to give you some tips! We also hold termly internal doubles tournaments where you can put into practice your new-found tennis skills! The most experienced players in the club will be paired with the newest players to keep the competition exciting for all. The highlight of our calendar will undoubtedly be Bottle Match. In recent years, the RSM Tennis team hasn't been too successful but hopefully, with this new club structure, we can start to challenge CSM for Bottle Match glory! Both RSM students and students from the wider College community are welcome to join us. Sign up today if you are looking for an extremely casual tennis club with no pressure to play. We hope to see you soon!

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