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Students for Global Health Imperial (formerly Medsin Imperial) is the local branch of a national network of students passionate about global health. POLICY We work with national and international teams to create policies about the topics we are passionate about, whether it be mental health, access to medicines or climate change. There are opportunities to work with government departments, attend international conferences and attend the World Health Assembly. ADVOCACY Working closely with allied organisations, we work to raise awareness and create change in the topics we are passionate about. This can include anything from petitions to fundraisers to direct actions in front of Parliament! EDUCATION We run educational events to teach people what global health is and more about current affairs within the field. We also work to transform the medical curriculum to include global health to a greater extent. TRAINING It is all well and good wanting to change the world but you need to know how! Here at Students for Global Health Imperial we want to build your capacity in key skills you will need to make true change. Through local and national courses, we provide you with the practical skills to do just that. RESEARCH There are plenty of opportunities to meet academics or other like-minded students and carry out research that interests you. Some projects in the past have included a global health university league table and a national student survey on exposure to pharmaceutical marketing.

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