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Squash is a fast-paced energetic racket sport enjoyed by players for more than 130 years and now played by more than 15 million people in over 150 countries. Medical school squash has a long and proud tradition at the amalgamated medical schools which make up ICSM and this is continued in the club today. We practice multiple times every week at Ethos Sports Centre and BetterGym Hammersmith Squash Centre and cater to a wide range of standards, from complete beginner to seasoned pro, with special training sessions and drills matched to your ability. For those looking for some competitive squash, we enter two Men's teams and a Women's team in the LUSL leagues on Monday evenings. Some might say that the best thing about squash is the lively social scene and we pride ourselves in offering different types of events that cater to everyone in the club. Whether it be a club curry or a themed pub crawl, we always have something going on after sessions, which helps with the open, friendly atmosphere we have at the club. Our members are people of all standards, from across the whole university and we try and make ourselves accessible as possible by supplying brand new shoes and rackets for use by our members. For more information, drop us an email, come along to a session or visit us at the Welcome Fair!

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