Soup Run

Category: Charitable
Join us for a fun and rewarding experience, whilst helping those in need!

One hundred homeless people benefit from our help every week. In addition to distributing food and hot beverages to those in need, we also have friendly, non-judgemental conversations with them when we talk about anything and everything. In some cases you may be the first person they've talked to for a whole day! Soup Run is much more than just giving out material things - we meet and interact with a variety of people in need that range from rough sleepers to people who have lost their job or are victims of broken home. We believe it is a valuable experience through which you will gain many life-skills while also having the opportunity to meet genuine people from Imperial with the same values who enjoy volunteering in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment, and knowing you have made a real difference in many people's lives. We are part of the London Soup Run Forum and give hot meals out on Sundays in Lincoln's Inn Fields (near Holborn).

Joining our society is free and no commitment is required - feel free to attend when you have the time for a worthwhile break and want to join us for a good cause!

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