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The Imperial College Sikh Society aims to promote the teachings of Sikhi whilst making your time at University more enjoyable! Sikh Society offers a friendly social support network, providing a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people from a wide variety of courses and backgrounds. We hold many social events such as dinners and bowling, with 'Cha and Samose' to break the ice. Throughout the year, we hold Simran sessions in the Chaplaincy, discuss religious topics, and organise Gurdwara trips too. Occasionally we invite learned speakers to these sessions, allowing us to gain more knowledge and better understanding of Sikhi. There is also the opportunity to meet students from other Sikh societies through Nishaan, which is a Sikh inter-uni organisation that hosts regular events throughout the year, allowing networking. We also hold an annual Kirtan Darbar and Langar where students from all over the country join us and listen to some wonderful Kirtan sung by students as well as well-known Kirtanis. Everyone is welcome to join the society irrespective of religious background. Sikh society wishes you all the best for an exciting year ahead. Come sign up at Freshers Fair and join the family! Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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