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The Imperial College Romanian Society welcomes everyone who loves Romanian culture and Elena Gheorghe.
Whether you are Elena Gheorghe’s #1 fan or are yet to become one, whether you already speak Romanian or would just like to learn more about our culture, you are more than welcome to join!
ICRoSoc's main aim is to create a familiar atmosphere and to organise and promote cultural, social and professional events within London, contributing to the students' experience throughout University.
To make sure you are the first to know about our upcoming events, follow our Instagram page and join our WhatsApp chat! Our plans for this year include, but are not limited to, social meetups, joint events with Romanian societies from other London universities, folk dance classes and celebrations of Romanian holidays such as December 1st and Mărțișor!
Therefore, if you are searching for a home-away-from-home or are just looking to meet fellow fans of Elena Gheorghe, you have come to the right place! Join our society and discover Romania’s warm hospitality and unique culture!

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