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Imperial College Pokémon Society is the very best society, like no society ever was!

Anime intro references aside, ICPokéSoc strives to be a place for every gamer: from the hardcore, competitive gamer, to the plushie-loving casual fan. We hope to be a welcoming environment for everyone interested in the world of gaming.. and especially in the wonderful world of Pokémon! As a result, we host a variety of events, including market crawls, inter-uni tourneys, official event meet-ups, art-and-crafts sessions, and more!

Join us every Wednesday at 12:00pm, in Meeting Room 3, Beit Quad for a weekly hangout as we talk about random things, make content for our socials on all things Pokémon and gaming, and play lotssssssssssss of games.

Also, look out for the end of each month for our Monthly Showdown Tournament for members! There are prizes and titles to be won - as well as a chance to try out for our inter-uni teams in Showdown, trivia and Unite!

Finally, we plan and run ICon: a multi-society, collaborative, student-led pop-culture convention!

So grab our free membership to join our community! We hope to see you soon!




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