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Welcome to ICSM Oncology Society!

The society was founded in April 2013 due to the overwhelming interest in the field of Oncology in medical school. From year 1, to finals in year 6, oncology is a core component in our medical school and beyond.

We hold interesting talks with pioneers in the field of oncology so come along to our inaugural surgical oncology conference as well as our national oncology conference. Unsure about what specialty to choose within oncology? Fear not, we have you covered with our Clinical Specialties Day.

Fundraising is a fundamental part of our ethos – follow our Instagram to keep up to find out which charity we have chosen this year as well as our fantastic charity events!

For those who are research (and points minded!) we also have research opportunities for our members with affiliated Imperial healthcare researchers.

Worried about POM or BRS? Come to our cancer crash course days where we go through every cancer related lecture just before your final exams 😊

So if you want to get involved in one of the most dynamic societies at Imperial – get your membership today – it’s free! Our committee CAN’T WAIT to see you at our events and socials throughout the next academic year :D

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