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Contrary to popular belief, the Nordic countries offer much more than Moomins, IKEA, LEGO, and blonde, blue-eyed ABBA fans living in harmony with polar bears. With a rich and diverse cultural heritage, the Nordic Society at Imperial College invites Nordic students, enthusiasts of Nordic culture, and anyone seeking engaging events. Our society goes beyond stereotypes, organizing dinners, lectures, and cultural experiences that showcase the vibrant tapestry of Nordic traditions, arts, and history. These events celebrate the unique contributions of the Nordic region to the world. Some examples of what we did last year was Kubb tournaments in Hyde Park, Nordic board game nights, Swedish Christmas concert, of course a pub crawl incorporating some Nordic inspired bars, and an ABBA party with other Nordic societies! Additionally, we foster connections between our members and the Nordic industrial, financial, and professional presence in the UK. By inviting influential Nordic individuals based in the UK, we offer exclusive insights, inspirational talks, and career events with Nordic companies. Building a strong network within and beyond Imperial College is our mission. An example is the careers talk we held with Norway’s Sovereign Wealth fund last year. Have questions or simply want to chat? Find us at our stall during the Freshers' Fair. We can't wait to meet you and welcome you to our vibrant Nordic community. Join us in celebrating the richness and diversity of our Nordic heritage!

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