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"If you love Music, this society is for you. If you hate Music, this society is for you."

ICSM Music Society encompasses a wide range of ensembles that socialise and rehearse weekly, offering something for musicians of all abilities and personality types!

We consist of 5 ensembles: ICSM Orchestra, Choir, Chamber Choir, Jazz Band, and Bands. Each ensemble showcases top notch performances at various locations throughout the year, including local churches, pubs, clubs, and ICSM events. Our current members describe Music Society as "the best thing ever, even better than sliced bread".

Musicians of all standards are welcome, medics and non-medics, and with the exception of Chamber Choir, there is no need to audition. We also have our own ICSM Music Scholarship for one Fresher to have free music lessons, and within the first few weeks of term, everyone has the opportunity to sing in the Royal Albert Hall!

Every Autumn term, we go on a hugely popular social Weekend Away to escape London. And every other summer, we embark on an International Tour to charm music lovers across the continent with our gigs and concerts, as well as to explore vibrant cities and their rich nightlife. Our next International Tour will be this Summer 2023, with location announced at our upcoming Fresher's Mingle!

Our calendar is just PACKED with performances, socials, dinners and tours - come along, and you'll see why we are one of the largest and most active societies that ICSM has to offer.

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