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The Imperial College London Mathematics society (Lovingly called MathSoc) is the student-run society dedicated to supporting all of our members*. We run a variety of Social Events, from formals such as the End of Year Ball, to bar nights, quizzes and bowling, helping to build a greater sense of community within the Maths Department. Some of new events we introduced last year included a Christmas Dinner Afterparty, Ice skating and Wii nights. We have currently have 7 sponsors from across different industries including trading and technology. All of our sponsors regularly visit us to host workshops, pub quizzes and networking sessions that offer incredible opportunities to our members. We are super keen to here from our members! If you have an idea for a new social event or a company or industry you'd be interested in learning more about, please do let us know. Get in touch with us via email, Facebook, Instagram or in person!

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