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Welcome to ICSM Light Opera, home to Imperial students with a love of all things musical theatre - including set-building, costume-making, working with sound and lighting, singing, dancing, and anything in between!

During first term, we produce our Main Show, a musical extravaganza, over seven weeks and performed over four nights in December. Previous productions include ‘Curtains’, ‘Pippin’, 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels', and most recently, 'Legally Blonde'.

During third term, we produce our 24-hour Opera - a musical planned in secret and revealed to the cast the day before the performance, so the whole show is prepped in 24 hours! Recent productions include 'Mamma Mia', ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, and ‘Kinky Boots’, with all proceeds going to charity.

Light Opera is one of the most active societies within ICSM, organising at least two socials per week in first term. These nights out, along with the annual Opera Tour, will make your first term the best few months of your life! And with events like our annual Opera Dinner during second term, our ‘Big Chills’ (open-mic nights at Reynolds Bar), and ‘UH Revue’ (a sketch show competition with other London medical schools), the rest of your year will be filled with activities!

The Light Opera family ranges from complete novices to those who were doing jazz hands in utero, with members spanning all years of ICSM, as well as many non-medic members! For more information on getting involved, find us at Freshers' Fair and follow us on IG: @icsmlightopera

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