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Training is finished until October 2024. Krav Maga is Imperial’s only self-defence society. It incorporates a variety of defences against strikes, locks, chokes, and take-downs, weapons, and multiple opponents. Krav Maga is a brilliant life skill to learn, equipping you with the right mindset and a set of principles/techniques to face the world more confidently.

No prior experience is required; most people start from scratch. Krav is one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective martial arts to learn and is open to all! Visible progress is guaranteed after a few sessions. Build your self-confidence and get fit while learning practical self-defence techniques in a friendly and welcoming group at one of the biggest martial arts societies at Imperial!

Our instructor sessions include training from our brilliantly qualified instructor, Master Shaikh. We also run a committee session on Saturdays that includes practice of techniques learnt earlier that week, striking practice, and cardio.

Note that your first session with us is FREE!

Instructor Sessions – Thursdays 18:00-20:00, Union Gym (top floor Union Building, Beit Hall)

Committee Sessions – Saturdays 14:00-16:00, Union Gym (top floor Union Building, Beit Hall). Note these are more sporadic so join our WhatsApp for updates.

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