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Judo is an Olympic martial art, guaranteed to improve fitness whilst teaching you combinations of throws, pins, arm locks and strangles. We welcome all levels of players with open arms Judo, The Gentle Way, is a martial art and an Olympic sport. With full-contact sparring being a major training element, Judo is a physically demanding sport that gives you plenty of opportunity to improve your fitness through a combination of throws, pins, arm locks and strangles. Training caters to people at all levels of experience and newcomers are welcome throughout the year. We run two training sessions per week at a very affordable price and actively participate as a club in training sessions organized by other institutions. Beginner sessions are run throughout the Autumn term, where complete beginners can come to up to four sessions to try the sport out before having to decide to sign up! As a beginner, you start by learning how to fall safely before moving on to basic throwing and techniques on the ground, and within a few months you can start going to novice competitions and work your way through the grades all the way to Black belt! We offer plenty of opportunities to fight around the UK, including the National Championships in Sheffield and university team and individual competitions throughout the year. We also organize several bar nights and house parties and we even went for Judo holidays at a beautiful Spanish beach and to sunny Portugal.

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