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Shalom! The Israeli Society at Imperial aims to be a place where people from all backgrounds — academic or otherwise — can come together to embrace Israel’s culture, history, impressive entrepreneurial and tech scene, and - most importantly - eat lots of good houmous. Beyond on-campus events like socials and visiting STEM lecturers, our society has successfully run an award-winning 8-day Tech Trip since 2017: a week of exploring the country’s start-ups, culture, history, cuisine, and a bit of nightlife as well! We also run a programme in the summer to connect students with internships at local startups and research positions at leading STEM universities. We are a non-religious cultural society and strive to be apolitical with our events and affiliations. If you’re interested in learning more about the start-up nation with a community of entrepreneurs and the chance to travel and make memories that last a lifetime then come join us - all are welcome!

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