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The ISoc provides a plethora of regular events for everyone, including talks by world-renowned speakers, socials and of course prayer facilities. Join us and be a part of one of the largest, most active & diverse societies on campus! With members from all across the globe, meeting several times a day, you are never without a sense of community and brother/sisterhood in the Islamic Society. Regular events and services for everyone include an engaging range of talks, socials & dinners, trips and sporting events. The Prayer Room (PR) is the heart of Muslim life on campus, where you can come and pray all five daily established prayers in congregation. It is also a place which you can relax in whenever you have a break, want to eat something, or just feel like socialising. Friday prayers are also organised for both men and women, and these are held in the Union building. Come and surround yourself with people that will help you worship the Most Merciful, and develop to become righteous, upright members of your society. If you are a non-Muslim and want to learn about this beautiful way of life, we are here to help and offer you guidance from its sources. Whoever you are, the Islamic Society is here to cultivate YOU. Visit for more details! Join our Official 2020 Freshers group:

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