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Welcome to Imperial College's Investment Society! We are a society with the purpose of increasing our members’ exposure to the investment industry: click here to discover more on our website!

Our mission is to educate our members and give them the knowledge and experience to manage their own investments and find a career in the finance and investment industry. Whether you are a fresher, final-year student or post-grad, we have a wide range of events that you can sign up to and participate in to further your skills and expertise in the area of investment.

Every week during term-time, we aim to hold at least one exciting event — whether that be drinks with the society or insights from a speaker in the investment industry. Best of all, if you are completely new to investment and have no idea what you’ve just read, we have our own Securities and Education Certificate where we have partnered with Imperial alumni to teach the fundamentals you need to succeed.

You can sign up as an analyst in our student-managed fund, Queen’s Tower Portfolio, where you can try your hand at investing! Or, join our editorial team, where you’ll be trained to publish weekly articles on themes aligned with investment in Imperial’s student newspaper, Felix.

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