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Ice hockey is the fastest, most exciting sport (most COVID-friendly!). Amidst speedy skaters, powerful shots, and fearless goalies, the intensity of the game is unrivalled by any other sport. We’ll be running on and off ice training sessions alongside our popular “Learn to skate” sessions. We’ll equip you with all necessary kit, protecting you from infections and on-ice falls. We’ll regularly meet online, watching games and socialising. Once the pandemic freezes in the past, you will enjoy weekly training sessions and competitions in the British University Ice Hockey Association (BUIHA) league. We provide full kits, transport to trainings and matches, letting you simply enjoy playing the game. Our A-team competes in Division 1 of BUIHA league, striking hits and sniping goals. But don't worry if you've never played or skated before! After our “Learn to play” sessions you'll join our B-team in Division 2 of the non-checking (but full contact) league or C-team, a competitive and fun team for beginners! All leagues' seasons culminate in the National Championships in Sheffield. Our main event is the varsity match against UCL Yetis, which most recently saw the Devils take home a confident 6-3 victory, sixth successive varsity win. You'll make new friends through trainings and socials. Experienced players will find a superb atmosphere in the dressing room and in the pub, and for new players, this is the best opportunity to try the sport! Email or check our social media for more info!

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