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The Imperial College Finance Society (ICFS) is the foremost society for students looking for careers in Finance and we are the largest and most successful careers focused society on campus. Our events are aimed at providing our members with information about job opportunities in the City, a chance to talk to and network with industry contacts, and information useful for succeeding in your later career. We also hope to give members a chance to learn about what a job in the industry consists of, and if it's something that they'd be interested in pursuing. We specifically promote roles in investment banks, accountancy firms, private equity, hedge funds, and investment managers, and supplement your education with material helpful to applications and interviews. With a wide range of opportunities such as speeches from leading experts in their fields, term-long trading competitions, and even office visits, there are events for everyone with an interest in our field or even just curiosity to learn more. And as membership is free, there's no reason to not join! WORKING WEBSITE LINK BELOW! FIND OUT EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR EVENTS AND SIGN UP TO LECTURE COURSES ON WEBSITE

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