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Craving new cinematic experiences? Want to explore the movies that made history or get a taste of films from across the world? Then join us at the FilmSoc! We show a wide range of films both new and old, from hidden gems to timeless classics and from all over the world. For the membership fee of only £6 we're willing to offer a lot. You will have access to free twice-weekly screenings at college curated by our committee with snacks, and on top of this will be able to buy discounted tickets to Filmsoc trips and events, making use of the exciting city we are a part of. Sounds like a good deal to us! Events from previous years have ranged from classic shown with live scores, screenings of new films followed by Q&As with directors, film quizzes in central London and and annual trip to the brilliant London Film Festival. Mostly though we want to create a friendly and stimulating environment to enjoy cinema! We encourage suggestions and requests from our members to keep our programme spontaneous and enjoyable. Whether you're a real buff or just vaguely interested in movies, we'd love to meet you!

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