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Growth & Highlights: Over the first chapter in 2022, our community has grown to over 400 members, reinforcing our commitment to expanding tech literacy. Our extensive pipeline of events include: • Workshops: Designed to impart hands-on tech skills and learn as a community. • DSC AI Summit: An arena for data enthusiasts to wrangle with real-world challenges. • Guest Sessions: Invitations to industry professionals who bring with them a wealth of experience and pioneering insights. • GDG Academy Mentorship Program: Building bridges between students and seasoned leaders, focusing on career guidance and professional development. Furthermore, DSC provides substantial networking avenues, fostering connection and collaboration between students and professionals from a myriad of technological disciplines. We strive to continuously organise enriching initiatives and propel the growth of our community. Mission and Vision: Our mission is to move the needle at Imperial with a project-based, industry-led approach to enable students from all backgrounds to actualise their interest in Software Engineering. Our vision is to establish an inclusive community of innovators and life-long learners that partners with companies, non-profits, and organisations in pursuit of social good. Join us: Participate in a series of exciting events, workshops, and ideathons that will help you advance in the tech industry and extend your professional network. DSC sincerely welcomes students regardless of academic background.

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